The Centre At The Dumpsite

Susanne and Leif visited the dumpsite area for the first time in 2004, after hearing that people lived there. They were shocked by what they saw and by the needs of the women and children living in that area. People, pigs and vultures were all looking for something eatable whenever a lorry came to dump off a new truckload of waste. Hungry and filthy children walked around without shoes, where everything from plastic bags to used needles lay in heaps. Many were busy looking for things that possibly could be sold or used to make home brew, and the mothers would place their small children in cardboard boxes in order to work more freely. The hardship and the hopelessness was indescribable, and at that time there was no relief work in the area.
NLAI rented a house in the area and started a nursery school and an illiterate class for young women and children who had little or no former schooling. Other projects have since then been started in the area by other organisations. In May 2005 an all-day charity telethon in Denmark for the benefit of African orphans was held. NLAI was lucky to be among the organisations that received money, making it possible to open a permanent centre in 2007. The crisis centre is named Tumaini Jipya, which means “new hope” and is situated close to the dumpsite area.
New Life Africa Tumaini Nursery School with three class levels was opened in 2009 on the same compound. At the school approx. 60 children’s schooling and meals are sponsored through NLAI. The children get health check-ups, receive medicine every three months for worms etc. and in some cases hospital expenses will be paid for by NLAI.

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