Make a donation

Anything you can afford to give will help the children in the school and the homes of NLAI to a better beginning on life. You can support in several of ways.

Make a donation directly
 If you want to donate any amount as a general support or to the school, garment making school or building projects, you can donate directly. Just click the link and you will be redirected to the payment site, where you are able to choose an amount.

Give a gift

If you like to give a gift to your sponsor child, to a class, the school or the boys or girls house, the money is best spend here in Kenya as things are often cheaper.

Some sponsors want to send a personal present, but unfortunately it is not uncommon for posted mail in Kenya to get lost in the system. And when collecting packages from the post office, charges and customs duties have to be paid. So please consider to let us buy the things you want to give here. This way you support the local community and make sure that the gift will make it to the receiver quick and safely.

Please buy your gift through the gift list or tell NLAI what you would like to give and to whom. Write for example: “NLAI birthday gift for file no. xxxx” in an email to newlifeafricainternational@gmail.com after donating. NLAI will then make sure to buy a gift for your sponsor child with the payment made.

By clicking on the links, you will be redirected to the payment site. If you want to buy something for your child specifically, please make sure that you write us the child file name in an email to newlifeafricainternational@gmail.com. Thanks…

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Contribute in our Christmas Gift Program

If you would like to give your sponsor child a Christmas gift, NLAI encourages you to donate to the joint Christmas gift pool, so that all children can get a Christmas gift and we can avoid jealousy amongst the children.

Every Christmas on the last day of the term all the students from the New Life Africa School and the New Life Africa Tumaini Nursery School as well as their relatives all join for a Christmas celebration. Here the children perform songs, sketches, the nativity play etc. and food is served to all of the 1200-1500 attendants. All 800 students and the approx. 90 staff receive a gift like books, toys or towels. All relatives also receive a small gift like a bag of sugar or flour.

NLAI works amongst the poorest people in Nakuru. For them it is difficult to afford even sugar for their tea.”

Every year on 25 December a Christmas celebration event is held for the children and youth living in the Children’s Home, the women from the crisis centre at Filadelfia, and for the youth who once lived in the Home. It is always a festive day, where everyone enjoys being together around the good food and the fun performances. At the event everyone is given several gifts such as books, toys, pillows, bed sheets, etc.
Please donate directly to the Christmas pool here.