Garment Making

At the garment making school, poor, young women are offered a government authorized three-year garment making education. This education can help women move on in their life without having to end in prostitution as many in Kenya do, in order to earn money for living.

The school has approx. 40 students spread between three classes that run side by side.

The women come everyday and learn different skills within garment making. They are also offered courses in cooking, hygiene etc. if they wish. Counselling is also available to them. After finishing the four-year course they go for a government-authorised examination, where after they will receive a diploma. Two qualified educators, teach the students at the garment making school.

At the garment making school the women also produce different textile products such as bags, place mats, table runners and breadbaskets. These items are then sold at different hotels, shops and on meeting trips, and in that way NLAI also becomes more publically known. The women also learn how to produce school uniforms and they assist the two employed dressmakers in making school uniforms for the NLAI School and other local schools.