Our boys needs a new home!

We are now in the process of the fundraising for the new “Boys house”, which they have needed for many years.
In the last newsletter there was a pre drawing, but now we have an architect from Kenya to work on it, because it needs to be built in line with Kenyan standards and building guidelines. The same constructor who was building the school has given us an offer to undertake all of the construction, and the next step is to apply for permission to build.

So far we have collected about 180 000 $ and the total budget needed is 140 000 $. We have sent applications to request some funds and we hope and pray that we will succeed this way, to raise some funds.

You can be involved

Because we need so much money for the building, it is necessary that many private people help as well. With the building of the school, most of the money came from private donations. If you have an opportunity to be a part of the project, just write “Boys house” on your payment, then the money will be added to the special account for the “Boys house”. Together with you, we believe that the project will succeed, so the boys will get a house with some better facilities to live in.