Leif and Susanne hold meetings in Denmark

Leif and Susanne hold meetings in Denmark


Program for meetings in Denmark and the Faroe Islands and the Contact persons

3th of May 10.00 Holbæk Frikirke. Jan Bjerre 40101110

8 – 18. May Meetings in the Faroe Islands. Tummas Jacobsen +298234828

See the program:

  1. May 14.30 Betania Aalborg, Mellem venner. Bodil Ditlev
  2. May 11.30 Bestyrelsesmøde for NLAI støtteforening. Contact person Jytte: +4520315450
  3. May 10.30 Tønder Frikirke. Leif Petersen 28565425
  4. June 11.06 Haderslev Frikirke, Multihuset. Raymond Marquart 41173700
  5. June 17.45 Rotary Billund. Jacob Kragegaard 22167005
  6. June 10.30 Aalborg Citykirke. Dan Sørensen 20764827
  7. June 10.00 Betania Blåhøj Frokost møde. Ingelise +4575347083
  8. June 10.30 Vadum kirkecenter. Lisbeth Weidinger 98277143
  9. June 10.30 Horsens Frikirke. George Berthelsen 21746808

Donation infos

You should provide us with your address and phone number, in the donation commets. In order to recieve a newsletter.

If you have any preferences concerning gender or class, NLAI will attempt to meet your wishes. The sponsorship continues as long as you wish. Please let us know if you for any reason do not want to continue. Contact us at newlifeafricainternational@gmail.com.