Give a christmas gift…

Give a christmas gift…


Give a christmas gift

Christmas is coming and the preparations are many, also here in New Life Africa International. Again this year, we will have Christmas parties with up to 1400 participants. The church will be decorated and we will listen to Christmas carols and the Christmas story. There will be songs and different performances. All the children will get a Christmas gift and their relatives will get a bag of flour to bring home.

On the 25th of December we will celebrate Christmas with all the children at the boys home and the girls home. Previous children are also invited, likewise the women and children from the crisis centre. This day is a day of celebration and it includes delicious food and gifts. Everyone is wearing his or her nicest clothes. We will attend the Christmas service and give all the children a Christmas gift. It is important to us that the children feel that this is a very special day.

You can help making Christmas something special to the children

The best way you can help is by contributing to our “Christmas pool”. Your contribution will be spent on the Christmas parties or on Christmas gifts for all the children. If you wish to donate, you can deposit here

Remember to mark it “NLAI – Christmas gift”.


A contribution to NLAI’s Christmas will make a huge difference to the children. It means a lot to a child to experience that Christmas is not just for everyone else.
Thank you so much for your support.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year together with your loved ones.

Donation infos

You should provide us with your address and phone number, in the donation commets. In order to recieve a newsletter.

If you have any preferences concerning gender or class, NLAI will attempt to meet your wishes. The sponsorship continues as long as you wish. Please let us know if you for any reason do not want to continue. Contact us at