nlai employees

The Organization

New Life Africa International can in short be described as a non-profit help and education organisation for Nakuru’s poor and marginalized children, youth and women. All work within NLAI is based on Christian principals and values, but it does not exclude people who do not share the same conviction from receiving help. NLAI provides help for all despite belief, gender and race to the extent that is possible. Education helps give people a hope for the future and can be the way out of poverty.

See the structure of the organization in a document by clicking here.

Our Vision is “Raising the leaders of tomorrow”

Mission statement

Meeting the needs of the destitute and orphans through a holistic approach of social, educational, spiritual ministry based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Main objective

To rescue, rehabilitate, educate and reintegrate the children to the larger community.


NLAI’s Steering Committee conducts meetings once a month. This committee consists of the school headmaster, the head social worker, a representative for the social workers, NLAI’s manager, the Church Pastor and Susanne and Leif Madsen.
Departmental Meetings are held once a month. A representative from every department in NLAI meets to discuss the day-to-day operations (10-12 people). Staff development courses are offered every year.

Board consists of 10 people

Chairman: Pastor David Ford
Vice Chairman: Jack Dupress
Secretary: Susanne Madsen
Board Member: Ann Kiilo
Board Member: Esther Kamoche
Treasurer: Leif Madsen
Assistant Treasurer: Paul Tocco
Board member: Donna Tocco
Board member: Armide Merid
Board member: Estelle Dupres
Board member: Zelealem Mekonnen