NLAI is a non-profit organization. When you donate to New Life Africa International, all funds are handled over to the work in Kenya.
All funds are directly credited into our danish account, wherefrom they are transferred to our Kenyan account.

Info at the company in Denmark:
Betania Kirkecenters Ydremission
CVR: 27220010
Willy Højgaard
Blaahøj Stationsvej 27,
7330, Brande

Do you have any questions about tax rules, tax-deduction or other, please contact us here…

It is not possible to cancel the donation, when it has first been made. Legally it is considered as giving a gift. Though if the doner decides to donate a fixed amount over a certain time period, as fx. pr. monthly basis, it is always possible for the doner to cancel the contract from day to day.

If the doner transfers a wrong amount due to entry error, it is possible to receive a refund if contacting the executive board within 48 hours.

If donating to a specific purpose, it is guaranteed that NLAI will use that exact money to this specific purpose and nothing else. It is exclusively NLAI who presents the needs in the project to which it’s possible to donate. If a donor has a suggestion for a purpose to support, it can be presented to the executive board of NLAI who will consider the request.
If you are donating an amount which is not set to a specific purpose, NLAI relate the right to use that amount to the most critical need at the certain moment.

It is possible to pay in different currencies. At the checkout the donor can decide which currency to use. It is the responsibility of the donor to find out which price is applicable to each currency, if paying in another currency than usually. This can be done by contacting the bank.
NLAI are not responsible for any losses because of currency.

If paying with credit card, the amount will be withdrawn from the account within 1-3 days after the payment online.
After the donation, an email will be sendt with the details about the purchase/donation.

The dollar rate is locked 3 months at a time. This means that every third month, we will update the prices according to the actual dollar rate against the Kenya shilling.
About sponsorship: When you decide for a sponsorship, the price you agree will be locked throughout the whole sponsor period. This means that you will not experience any price regulation unless you accept it yourself. Because of inflation the prices will need to be regulated evertime. We encourage the sponsors to accept the new regulations so that you can cover the exact expenses, but it is the choice of the sponsor to accept or continue with the usual price.