Income Generating Projects

Through different ways, NLAI attempts to run income-generating projects that can help with the day-to-day operations of the organisation. At the same time it gives the locals a feeling of having a joint responsibility for their community as well as a confidence that they are able to help make a difference. Read more about the different income generating projects here on the website.

Bridal Collections


“Bridal Collections – Brides with a Heart” is an income-generating project for the benefit of NLAI’s work.

It started when the wedding gown company Lilly from Denmark, donated a large number of new, beautiful wedding gowns to NLAI. It therefore became possible to start a wedding gown rental project, where profits would help with the day-to-day operations of NLAI. To begin with the wedding gowns were rented out from a room at the NLAI centre, but since December 2011 NLAI has hired a room in a shopping centre in downtown Nakuru, where a wedding gown rental shop named “Bridal Collections – Brides with a Heart” has been fitted out. Bridesmaids dresses, African outfits, items from NLAI’s Garment Making School and Kioo Lulu products are also sold in the shop.

The dresses are adjusted to the individual bride and NLAI’s talented dressmakers produce the bridesmaid dresses as well as the African outfits. All profit from the bridal shop helps to cover expenditures in NLAI’s work among children, youth and women at the garment making school and in the crisis centres.

NLAI paper products and textile items


At the NLAI centre a number of different paper products such as cards, notebooks, photo albums, journals and drawings are produced using primarily recycled paper.

At the garment making school different textile items such as bags, table mats, table runners and breadbaskets are produced. These items are then sold at different hotels, shops and on meeting trips, and in that way NLAI also becomes more publically known. The women also learn how to produce school uniforms and they assist the two employed dressmakers in making school uniforms for the NLAI School and other local schools. In this way NLAI saves a lot of money by not having to buy school uniforms for the students and by selling uniforms to other schools. In this way money for the day-to-day operations of NLAI is generated.

Kioo Lulu Jewellery


In 2011 NLAI started a glass bead jewellery workshop called Kioo Lulu where a group of women are employed to produce jewellery. Some of the young women have previously been at the crisis centre at Filadelfia. The women who are currently at the crisis centre sometimes assist with the production of the jewellery. Profit from selling the jewellery will help more women be able to receive help at the crisis centre. Read more about the glass jewellery workshop via this link